The advent of Internet changed human behaviour. In a world where every move is recorded, where the individual has access to a world without borders or distances, Digital Marketing is essential for managing and seizing the opportunities the Internet gives us. The Internet is a growing world and its future reach is currently unpredictable.

The aim pursued by Online Marketing or Digital Marketing is to efficiently exploit the opportunities that the Internet gives us to promote a business or brand more efficiently. Big Eye Marketingís team will help you achieve your business objectives with a results-oriented approach to optimize resources.

Digital Marketing is the set of Marketing techniques based on Digital Media. It includes the promotion of your Web in Search Engines (SEO and SEM), making use of Social Networks (SMO and SMM), linking to groups of Websites which promote your products or services on their Sites in exchange of a commission or fee (AFFILIATE MARKETING), designing and managing e-mail campaigns (E-MAIL MARKETING) and implementing the latest programming languages and the best Marketing techniques to your Website (WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT).

No, not everything has been invented and the constantly evolving Internet world is a clear example of this. As technology improves, new styles of Marketing arise, no doubt inspired by traditional activities in the real world, but in an orderly manner, with real time access to an indefinite number of parameters that allow us to measure the exact effect of our Marketing actions. Determining the cost and the resulting benefits allows us to make more accurate estimates and more effective strategic planning.

The Internet offers incredible opportunities for those who make use of this powerful tool to promote their business. A new world of infinite projection, where there are no distances, where the individual possesses the gift of ubiquity and the global market is a reality.

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Date: 01/01/1970

Date: 01/01/1970

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