Social Media Marketing has become a very valuable tool for all companies. Social Media serve not only as an excellent advertising platform, they have also become a key tool for conducting market research to identify trends and opportunities.

Big Eye Marketing will help you establish the optimal campaigns, depending on the objectives defined by the client to achieve the communication and marketing objectives of the brand as defined by the customer, through participation in various social networks. They may be aimed at attracting users to test your services, sell products online, or simply to establish a friendly communication link with your customers.

Social Media Our team will arrange a viral Marketing strategy, as well as the Optimization and Management of your Social Media profiles and Online communities (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn…). Apart from Social Media, we manage advertising campaigns in other social networks such as blogs, forums and social bookmarking sites. We also have Web 2.0 development specialists who can help you design and develop your very own Social Media apps.


- Create an optimized page on Facebook or MySpace.
- Create and manage other social media profiles on LinkedIn, Vimeo, Viadeo, etc.
- Create Facebook Apps
- Adevertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...
- Design, develop and manage a Blog or a Minisite
- Create and manage a Twitter profile (fans, promotions, cross-branding, etc.).
- Generate press releases and be relevant in Social Bookmarking Websites (Delicious, Digg, etc.)
- Shoot one or more videos to create YouTube Channel
- Create viral messages. It may be desirable to design a viral hue, a promise of getting something for free, a discount, etc.

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Date: 01/01/1970

Date: 01/01/1970

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